Cognitive Radio PhD Thesis for Research Scholars.

Cognitive Radio PhD Thesis Topics offer to solve spectrum shortage problem and spectrum under utilization.Cognitive radio network is mainly a radio sensing system. It has the ability to detect electromagnetic signals. Researchers mainly make use of spectrum aware communication protocols. These protocols are flexible in service for both primary user and secondary users. Licensed users of spectrum frequency are primary users. Secondary users are unlicensed users. Researchers can form a system that allows secondary users to make use of unused spectrum. These networks should be able to detect energy, unused signals and primary user transmission. Researchers can also work to give advanced security for unprotected cognitive radio PhD Thesis.

Objective of Cognitive Radio PhD Thesis Topics :

  • It’s adaptable to change its transmission parameter.
  • It can reconfigure parameters of frequency, transmission power and modulator.
  • CR is cognitive enough to attract information related to spectrum.

Advantages of Choosing Cognitive Radio PhD Thesis:

  • Provides high spectrum efficiency.
  • Provides more benefits for service provider.
  • Efficient communication services.
  • Flexible regulation.
  • Improved Quality of Service.

Spectrum Awareness: It detects the location of users and it also deduces the type of spectrum available and its location.

Spectrum Access: It enables the secondary user to get unused spectrum.

Cognitive Process: It provides a smooth service among spectrum user and spectrum providers.


Technologies Used In Cognitive Radio:

  • Ethics Of Radio: Radio etiquettes inherit frequency of radio bands, protocols and temporal and spatial pattern.
  • Language Of Radio Knowledge Representation:

It is a representation of software modules, Radio etiquettes, and application software and user expectation. It doesn’t have any knowledge on cognitive radio technologies and its user friendly.

  • Software Radio: Cognitive radio users make use of it to get multi service, multi band and reprogrammable radio system. It has the benefits of both flexible personal service and radio domain model.

Methods to Sense Spectrum in Cognitive Radio PhD Thesis:

Radio Identification Method: It can identify the transmission technologies that are used by primary users. Cognitive radio can be enabled with high accuracy and dimensional knowledge. Its chief concern is to make the interaction between users more flexible. This method is used by cognitive network to obtain space dimensions and signal range. It also has two main functions they are initial mode identification and alternate mode identification.

Cyclo-Stationary Based Method: It shows the periodic behavior of the signal transmission. The spectral correlation function can be measured by the frequency detection through this method. Better system of sensing can be obtained as it can reject the noise. Yet this method is highly complex and expressive.

Waveform Based Method: Signal processing application makes use of this method. It gives information on time and frequency. It has both traditional and short time Fourier transforms.

Matched Filtering Based Method: Traditional matched filtering detection techniques are used in this method. But it consumes enormous power. It also needs difference receiver algorithm in detecting sensors.

Energy Detection Based Methods: It is a common method in detecting spectrum sensing. It detects energy detectors output signal. One of its drawback is it is problematic to find a difference between noise and signal.