Cloud Computing Thesis Topics for Students

Cloud computing Thesis achieves high interoperability service in cloud environment with low cost. Researchers gain wide knowledge regarding cloud computing environment, problem and applications on cloud computing thesis that was published earlier. Cloud computing Thesis can be submitted by computer science or Information technology Researcher regarding virtual machine migration data protection in cloud computing efficient utilization of energy and resource utilization. In organization sectors cloud computing plays an active role.

Cloud Computing  Thesis on Security:

From one user data to other cloud computing is isolated. It is concentrated on network information security, and focused on computer against Malpractices and attackers. Data privacy is maintained. Data and service delivery in cloud must be secure. Encryption process on sensible data is performed in cloud.

Data Centers: Special requirements to cloud providers are supported by data centers such as efficient power, service level agreements, security policies, humility and communication. Data center needs secure storage and can access lot of information easily in cloud.

Virtualization: An abstraction of cloud resource is virtualization. A resource available in software, hardware and operating system is supported by virtualization.

Cloud Computing Thesis Areafunction
Cluster controllerNode activities are managed and monitoring the node in same cluster.


Cloud controllerConsist collection of web service as data services, resource service and interface service.
Node controllerFor asking cluster controller queries it is responsible.


Storage controllerUsed for storing virtual machine information and data streaming in cloud.

Benefits of cloud computing:

  • Cloud user can access their data easily.
  • Only minimum cost for data maintenance service is required.
  • Software applications are automatically upgraded.
  • Unlimited storage for cloud user is provided.
  • Backup and recovery operations for user data are maintained.

Demerits of Cloud Computing:

  • Technical issues.
  • Security problems are faced.
  • Lack of data confidentiality.

Cloud computing Technologies:

Web service: Many applications are used in cloud computing and are written in various language. In different operating system the applications are executed whereas intercommunication is not possible. We use protocols and standards to exchange communication information between various applications. This is called web service.

WSDL: For public interface of web services, web service description language use XML queries. In our location WSDL describe all services and effective way is provided to interact with services.

XML: Meta language is an extended markup language. Different type of application or system in a cloud environment is allowed as it’s a structured programming language.

UDDI: All internet services are defined by universal description, discovery and Integration. In XML language it is written. In recent trends we do not support UDDI web services.

SOAP: Definition for two application process and two objects is provided by simple object Access protocol. With the help of XML message exchange of communication information is possible.

REST: For web service application representation state transfer protocol is the simplest protocol. REST runs in HTTP protocol basis. REST does not depend on transport medium, programming language and operating system platform. Inbuilt error handling function is accessed.

Challenges faced in cloud computing Thesis

Service standard is not possessed in cloud. To tolerate standard issue open grid standard is developed.
Cloud environment is not static are user’s requirement change frequently. So continuously changes occur.
Storing of data and resource could be shared in cloud computing. Cloud service provider is used to monitor working process. Attackers in network could hack the data, so security must be provided. Working function of cloud service is degraded by security & privacy issue.
Transferring cost of data from public to community cloud is high.