Without any doubt, we assure that we can make the integration among blockchain and PHP. Additionally, this entire article will be the guide for all to implement this process PHP along with blockchain. Let’s commence this article with the key notes about the blockchain and PHP.

Integration of Blockchain with PHP

         Initially, we highlighted the process of integrating Ethereum blockchain with PHP using web.php library. Through the utilization of web.php, we acquire the blockchain data and interaction with the contracts that are deploying and it is the inbuilt support for the modules such as,

  • shh JSON RPC
  • net
  • web3
  • eth

Code for Connecting Blockchain with PHP

       In the following, we have highlighted the sample codes that are required to connect blockchain with PHP

  • Import required header files
require_once "vendor/autoload.";
use Web3\Web3;
use Web3\Providers\HttpProvider;
use Web3\RequestManagers\HttpRequestManager;
  • Connection with blockchain
$web3 = new Web3(new HttpProvider(new HttpRequestManager("ADD_YOUR_ETHEREUM_NODE_URL")));
$eth = $web3->eth;
$eth->blockNumber(function ($err, $data) { echo "Latest block number is: ". $data . " \n";

Execution of PHP Script

        While PHP main file is created and stored along with the file extension .php we have to execute the PHP script through the typing the following command in terminal.

php filename.php

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