How to Choose Big Data Thesis Topics?

Big data Thesis has gained wide importance by data mining research community because of its velocity, volume and variability. Many challenges are faced in data mining of large amount data from data users. Programming models, valuable algorithm and application framework are provider in data mining researcher. In all engineering and science field data mining applications are used. Our concern has supported more than 380 big data Thesis. To get back relevant and accurate feedback services some enhancement are being supported.

Big Data Thesis Topics are given below:

  • Big data analysis in vehicular Ad-hoc networks.
  • Analyzing scalable system in data mining.
  • Big data financial information management for global banking.
  • Bigdata with map reduce.Application and Domain knowledge: Domain knowledge and application knowledge help is gained by that data mining algorithm. Right features in identified for diagnosing normal and abnormal tumor types.Data mining algorithm: Decentralized control is required for data mining applications. Secure data exchange algorithm used to derive a data mining goal. By sharing a statistics of local data sources to all local sites for global data formation can be achieved by big data. To identify the missing values identify the missing values it contains inbuilt function.

Large amount of raw data collection are done by big data, it is an emerging technology. Data quality and monitoring can be done by applying big data and hadoop functions.

Application Knowledge of Big Data Thesis

Related to semantic and application knowledge are domain information, user regulation policies and user data access policies. Secured data sharing between authenticated user and user data privacy is maintained. Application and domain knowledge is maintained.

Secure Sharing and data privacy: From unauthorized accessing big data environment protects the user and work load of data is reduced by following steps:

  • Special data mining method is designed to obtain knowledge for shared data.
  • Sensitive information cannot be highlighted.
  • Yao’s protocol is used for sharing requested users.
  • Certification or access control policies to data entities are provided. By certificate users accessing sensitive information is restricted.
Area Utilizing Big Data Project concepts
  • Insurance.
  • Banking.
  • Government.
  • Education.
  • Health care.
  • Media and Communication.
  • Marketing.
  • Manufacture.
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Big Data Thesis Topics

Architectures of big data:

Tier architecture is contained in Bigdata for an intellectual learning database system to quick and correct information retrieval.

First Tier: It is targeted on data computing procedures and data processing large volume of data in various locations can be stored in big data, so to give out input data into multiple computing storage device first tiers in used.

Second Tier: Knowledge of various big data uses and its semantic are consisted in second tier. To break technical barriers and for data mining process it is very useful.

Final tier: To handle the complexities occurring in big data volume by providing a complex and dynamic data the final tier consist of data mining algorithm.

Characteristics of Bigdata management:


In data structure making changes are allowed.


In big data analysis there is a constant increase in data size.


Business values of organization are not affected.


In continuous way stream of data is allowed, user can retrieve useful information at any time.


Various types of data, audio, image, text and graph files are supported in big data.

Advantages of Big Data Thesis
Low Cost Process. 80
Cloud Environment. 85
Large Data Quantity 90
More Accurate. 90
Easily Import New services and Products. 95
Fast Decision Making 100
Tools Used in Big Data Projects.

We have listed some Tools used in Big data Projects,

couch DB, mongo DB, hyper table, redis.
Pipes, Rtool, Big sheets.
Apache pig, green plum, hadoop, apache live.
Amazon EC2, beans talk, Google App engine