B.TECH a bit similar to B.E is also an undergraduate engineering degree. It also includes departments such as CSE, EEE, ECE and IT. IEEE papers prove as a role model for us while creating B.Tech projects. Students CSE has the library to pick their own domain for both IT and CSE innovative projects are given by us. Students of ECE can do projects on either hardware or software systems. Many simulation tools and kits are available for projects of electrical and electronics students. We offer implementation support for all of student’s innovative ideas.

Projects for CSE and IT students:

Software engineering is a promising field for both CSE and IT students. Many domains of topic is provided for CSE and IT students with the addition of languages such as java, dot net, C and C++. Possible domains of topics are mobile computing, grid computing, internet computing, parallel computing, cloud computing and distributed computing. In these computing simulation is done through Cloudsim and gridsim softwares.

Medical based projects:

Health care monitoring based projects can be done on biomedical engineering and brain computer interface. Students who want to do software based medical project can focus on MYPHR machine.

Intelligence system:

Management environment and computational intelligence are intelligent system based projects for CSE and it student other than this number of topics are available under automatic control and intelligence development system.

Networking projects:

Within the domain of networking, mobile Adhoc networking and vehicular Adhoc network projects are possible projects such as local area network, wide area network and personal area network are some of wired and wireless network based projects.

Android projects:

We offer projects on android based on students interest android projects are possible through eclipse IDE output.

Projects for ECE students:

Embedded, VLSI and digital signal processing are varied topics of students of ECE. Other than this simulation based networking projects are available for ECE students. Microprocessor and micro controller are required for embedded system based projects. ATMEL, PIC and 8051 are controller used in micro controller based projects.

Projects for ECE students:

Robotics, GPS and GSM are some domains foe EEE projects. Automatic door locking and system functionality are promising projects which can be developed by RFID. Other than this using GPS, tracking projects are also can be done by EEE students. Microprocessor, micro controller and DC and AC motor control are some applications with inverter which are developed for technologies that aid in the EEE projects. More voice, video and audio recognition application can also be done as projects of EEE.

Future scope on BTECH projects:

Significantly now a days project on maximizing the network routing performance are gaining prominence automatic digital system controlling are projects for ECE and EEE students. All over projects are up to the standards of international research magazines such as sciences direct, elsewhere, ACM and IEEE.