Computer science is a branch of study which resolves issues in areas of health care, science, engineering and business. In similar way final year projects of B.TECH CSE also try to find answer for various domain problems. Many simulation tools and programming languages are need to do projects. Final year students of B.TECH have the benefit of doing both main projects along with mini project. Certain guidance is provided by the faculty in choosing the topic for main project. University usually focuses on IEEE concepts. B.TECH students create software that is tested by white box and black box testing methods.

Recent projects for B.TECH:

  • Technology projects.
  • Innovative projects.
  • Security projects.
  • Medical projects.

Technology projects:

Big data and Hadoop are some of the recently introduced technology projects. In this Hadoop concerns map reducing concepts which help in storing big applications. Big data helps large application performance by less consumption of money and time. Both data mining and cloud computing needed for big data students of software engineering can attain more positive results from testing fuzzy algorithms and soft computing are required for artificial intelligence.

Innovative projects:

Android applications are part of innovative projects. These fall widely the category of augmented reality. It is used in the field of medicine by analyzing the lung breathing measurement by doing so lungs pressure can be calculated. This helps in determining the level of treatment. Human computer interactions are the present innovative project. Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing are required for this camera builds up virtual mouse; virtual classroom and virtual keyboard java and android are used in the formation of free hand applications. Robot speaking applications are also developed in artificial intelligence projects.

Security projects:

Forensics department is the most security demanding organization. Security is provided for both network and organization dot net, android and java are programming languages that are used in security projects. A secrete key should be generated among sender and receiver to give security for network. This benefited for military as secret information can be shared without any interruptions. Biometrics recognitions are part of security related projects such as face, finger print, vein, iris, and skull recognition.

Medical projects:

Matlab, Open CV, Imagej and scilab are some of the image processing tools that aids in medical related projects. Various actions such as segmentation, feature extraction, classification, edge enhancement and edge detection. Other than this bio medical projects are also chosen by final year B.TECH students. Matlab also organize image processing, pattern recognition and machine intelligence. In medical imaging projects any human organ is scanned and detected for any signs of disease and further treatment. Edge detector and sobel operator are supported by scilab.

Future scope:

Emergence of services and applications in ubiquitous computing has rising scope. With multiple analytical lenses more development can bring it. All the advanced technology regarding these projects is available with us including that of standard material.