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Embedded System Projects For ECE

Embedded system contains a mixture of hardware and software embedded within a computer. It is useful for all engineering final year students. Electronics and electrical engineering students are specialized in creating embedded based projects. The hardware in the system defines the variety in applications. AVR microcontroller, PIC microcontroller and 8051 microcontroller based application projects are […]

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Projects on Computer Network

Computer network is a network of computer connected to each other. Usually computer network projects focus on routing and routing algorithm development because it is an important parameter. We offer more projects on computer network to make it attain better quality.

Routing Parameter:

Routing is used by a device to select best path out of multiple path […]

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Thesis on Networking

Thesis on networking concentrates on analog and digital computer networks. By interconnection of computers and routers on a single cable network is formed. Our concern has supported more than 520+ Thesis on networking. Performance improvement on digital network is provided, as speed crosses the limit in network demand.

Thesis on networking is supported to the following […]

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We offer these SDN projects to the final year engineering students with all the sincerest effort put upon to make such students’ future brightest certainly. Such Academic projects such as these SDN projects we have provided to the final year engineering students for more than203 projects. Rather the SDN projects themselves we have done so […]

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Telecommunication Engineering Projects

Telecommunication is the next big thing in wireless technology. It was electric and electromagnetic signals to transmit communication using Telecommunication Engineering Projects. Students from major like electrical and electronics engineering, electrical and communication engineering and information technology can do projects on telecommunication knowledge on analog and digital signal conversation are a bonus by doing telecommunication […]

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Routing Projects

Routing projects defines transferring a packet of data from source to destination. The act is performed by router which is a devoted device. As, binding and routing perform same function they are quite confused. The difference is binding takes place at lower level whereas routing at higher level, software components are required for routing, and […]

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Network simulation Projects

Network simulation projects states about various simulation tools that are available in network. It is a technique used in network based research area for implementing network on computer simulation. Cost and Time simulation functionality is very low. Network simulation projects are guided to academic students and research scholars like PhD and M.Phil. Our engineers carry out […]

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Network Simulator 2 Projects

Network simulator 2 projects are based on a geographical location or an area based on its parameter and network simulation. On basis of parameter Network can be classified. Network simulator 2 is an open source simulation platform. It is object related event, based on OTCL and C++ is the simulator. To get performance analysis of every […]

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Neural Networks Projects

Neural networks functionality is based on the neuron. It is a cluster of nodes simple components and units. The main scope for researchers in this area is projects on music classification and face recognition. Through the interlinking of simple elements Neural networks projects have performance advantage in cluster node components of units.

Structure of Neural Network:

A cluster […]

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Networking Projects for Final Year Students

Networking is creating a web connection among computers and components of network. Analysis of network performance, internal applications and simulation network modeling can be done for networking projects for final year students. Technology, routing and protocols of network serve as a tool for analyzing network. Transferring of data, multimedia and entertainment projects are offered in the […]

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