Artificial Neural Network (ANNs) is the functional unit of deep learning. Assignment help in Artificial Neural Network aids to solve the data driven problems. Machine learning and Deep learning are interconnected fields. They help AI (Artificial Intelligence) by providing a set of algorithms and neural networks to solve the problem. In short, deep learning uses artificial neural networks which mimic the behavior of the human brain in order to solve any problem.

Working Principles of ANN

  • A neural network has the ability to do numerous various processes
  • On account of the parallel nature, neural network can seamlessly do their operation even if any component fails
  • A neural network learns by itself so it doesn’t require recoding
  • Support all kinds of applications development which can be achieved without any issues

A neural network functions when some input data is fed into it. This data is processed via layers of perceptions to produce a desired output.

  • Input layer – Here, the artificial neuron units collect the data or input from external world
  • Output layer – In this, the units act in response to the data regarding in what way it learned the process.
  • Hidden layer – Herein, it converts the input into another form (processed) which the let the output to use in different way. And also, it is sandwiched by input and output layer.

These neural networks are connected. Hence, each hidden neuron is fully linked to every neuron in its previous layer (input) and to the next layer (output).

Research Ideas in ANN

From speech recognition and face recognition to health care, neural networks have been used in a varied set of domains.

In wireless networks, following are the research topics in ANN.

  • IDS and IPS
  • Resource Allocation
  • Packets / Time Slots Scheduling
  • Power Management
  • Network Management


·         Supervised Learning

–          In supervised learning, well labeled data is used to train the machine. So thatdata is already tagged with the correct answer.

·         Unsupervised Learning

–          In unsupervised learning, the input data is used to train the network in which its output is known. Here the model works on its own to discover the information.

·         Reinforcement Learning

–          In this type of learning, the value of the output is unknown, but the network provides the feedback on whether the output is right or wrong. It is also considered as Semi-Supervised Learning. It relies on samples to extract information from data.

·         Offline Learning

–          In Offline Learning technique, the adjustment of the weight vector and threshold is made only after all the training set is presented to the network. It is also known as Batch Learning.

·         Online Learning

–          Here, the adjustment of the weight and threshold is made after presenting each training sample to the network.Assignment help in artificial neural network favors the students who need a quality write up in this topic. As it has experts who have the ability to exercise all these techniques grant a great deal of guidance to the students.

What are the types of Neural Networks?

  • Belief andHopfield Network
  • Self-Organizing map
  • Time Delay and Convolutional Network
  • Radial Basis Function and Boltzmann Machine
  • LSTM and also Bi-Directional LSTM
  • Autoencoder (AE) and Stacked AE

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Latest Deep ANN Models

  • Quantum and Gated Neural Network
  • Capsule and Pyramidal Nets
  • Spiking and Regulatory Nets
  • Semantic Neural Nets
  • HyperNEAT and U-Net
  • AlexNet and LiteNet

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